Beyond science

Science policy

As a scientist I am not only interested in doing research, but also in science policy which is concerned with the allocation of resources for the conduct of science towards the goal of best serving the public interest. Topics include the funding of science, the careers of scientists, and the translation of scientific discoveries into technological innovation to promote commercial product development, competitiveness, economic growth and economic development. Science policy focuses on knowledge production and role of knowledge networks, collaborations and the complex distributions of expertise, equipment and know-how. Understanding the processes and organizational context of generating novel and innovative science and engineering ideas is a core concern of science policy. Learn more about my activities… »

Science communication

I love science and I love to talk about science, not only in a professional context but during informal settings. Whenever possible I try to engage with the public by giving talks about science (in particular physics) or by organizing public events (public lectures and conferences, science slams). Learn more about my activities… »

Women in science

Being a woman in science I am actively engaged in promoting science as a career for women. In various activities, e.g. writing articles and blog posts, taking part in panel discussions and actively working on various boards, I try to motivate girls and women to pursuit a career in science. Furthermore, I also inform the public about still exciting obstacles women in science are confronted with. Learn more about my activities… »


Lots of high-risk scientific projects and / or non-profit altruistic ideas for science outreach etc are often very difficult to accomplish within a research institution or private company. To still realize them effectively often requires the foundation of an own independent entity / enterprise. Within the next year I will dive more and more into the world of business to guarantee that my ideas and visions can be implemented to impact the world in a meaningful way… »