Beyond science

Here you can find an overview of the community building/engagement and outreach activities with a focus on community service, women/diversity in science, open science, and microscopy:

Microscopy community

It is one thing to build sophisticated microscopes in an optical laboratory and analyze data all on your own; it is another thing to share your insights and nuts and bolts with the scientific and non-scientific community and be a proactive community advocate. Only in an open scientific world can we maximize the impact of scientific discoveries. Learn more about my activities… »

Science advocacy and policy

As a scientist, I am interested in doing research and in science advocacy and policy to promote the importance of science towards the public and improve how science is done and how the scientific community is organized. Learn more about my activities… »

Science communication

I love science, and I love to talk about science, not only in a professional context but during informal settings. Whenever possible, I try to engage with the public by giving talks about science (particularly physics) or organizing public events (public lectures and conferences, science slams). Learn more about my activities… »

Women in science

Being a woman in science, I am actively engaged in promoting science as a career for women worldwide. In various activities, e.g., writing articles and blog posts, taking part in panel discussions, and actively working on multiple boards, I try to motivate girls and women to pursue a science career. Furthermore, I also inform the public about still exciting obstacles women in science are confronted with. Learn more about my activities… »


For further information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.