Physicist, Optical Scientist & Data Scientist passionate about community building/engagement, outreach, and teaching, eager for knowledge and with an urge to understand and shape the world for a better and more sustainable future: I have over ten years of experience designing, building, and running advanced optical systems, analyzing (microscopy) data, and developing (image) acquisition & analysis workflows. Furthermore, I have been highly engaged in community building/engagement, outreach, and teaching activities focusing on community service, women/diversity in science, open science, and optics/microscopy for more than 15 years.

Currently, I am working as an Optical Scientist and Project Lead at the Carl Zeiss AG in Oberkochen, Germany.

Here, you can find more information about my background and research interests, research projects, publications, teaching activities, and community building/engagement and outreach activities.

For more information on any of my interests or me in person, please feel free to contact me!

~ Ulrike


  • I am delighted to have received a full fellowship stipend from the German Scholars Organization for their 7th GSO Leadership Academy in 2023. The funding program helps German-speaking researchers abroad from Germany and those who recently returned to Germany to get ready for leadership positions in research and development in academia and industry. Learn more about the program here.
  • Last December, I gave an online lecture about Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM) as part of Bryan Millis’s Microscopy Education Program “Widening the Lens” sponsored by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Vanderbilt University. You can find my presentation on Figshare – Feel free to reach out in case of questions.
  • In summer 2022, I was interviewed by the BMBF-supported initiative #InnovativeFrauen for their podcast #ForscherinnenFreitag. Feel free to check out my podcast episode to learn more about my research, my postdoc stay in the US and my transition to industry earlier this year….